Danie Ferrusi   |   UX Designer



Feel free to reach out regarding potential UX projects you have on the horizon.


I’m Danie Ferrusi and I’ve been employed in technology, one way or another, for roughly 8 years. With a background in Information Technology, Design, and Education, I’ve placed the needs of people and enhancing their digital experience at the very forefront of my professional commitments.

I started my journey into UX while teaching students with learning differences. Frustrated at the archaic design and behaviors of many adaptive technologies on the market; I began to analyze how these mediums could be modified for a better learning environment. This ultimately led to an exploration of how each of us use digital products and how we might implement usability, accessibility, efficiency, and joy of use across multiple platforms. Understanding how technology works and supporting those who use it has been at the crux of my professional growth. Be it identifying user needs, uncovering and resolving multi-layered issues, discerning educational pain points, or curating aesthetics that lend itself to a brand, my professional experience can be applied to major overarching principals in UX.

UX requires knowledge and consideration in three areas that I am passionate about: creativity, technology, and interfacing with users. Without creativity, technology is uninspiring. Without active and abled users, technology is limited. Creating user experiences that foster meaningful outcomes has been my goal as a UX designer. I aspire to get people where they’re going with as little hassle and as much amusement as possible.

Outside of UX you can find me taking lo-res photos, recording lo-fi music, crafting low-yield beer with highbrow taste, playing low-budget betas, writing lowbrow hot takes, participating in my low-key side-hustle as a proofreader, or binging TV shows with my low energy dog.